Flag flying

Flag flying

Monday, August 3, 2015

Will Joseph Biden Run?

Former First Lady Hillary Clinton is suddenly looking less than invincible.  Her candidacy is being rocked by high unfavorability numbers.  The story below tells more.

Mr. Biden has been very impressive in both campaign debates for Vice-President.  I have confidence he could be quite effective against any Republican should he get the nomination.

Also, the concerns about Bernie Sanders being too far to the left are justified, although only in the America of now would Sanders be considered far-left.  His policies are just what we need, and are, in fact long over-due.  However, polls have shown that 50% of Americans would not vote for a Socialist for President under any circumstances.

Under our current system American voters serve almost as surrogate Electors, for better or for worse.  We must be very cagey, thinking ahead to the elect-ability of any candidate.

It is good that there be a campaign process.  The candidates need to go before the people.  And if Vice-President Biden decides to be one of those candidates, I wouldn't mind.

Campaign Bundlers Work to Draft Joseph Biden

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U.S. flag blowing

U.S. flag blowing

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